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renault clio 2020 interior

A new range of engines including Renault's first E-TECH hybrid. The normally aspirated 1.0 SCe (with three cylinders) is the perfect choice for drivers seeking an economical car for use in the city. With a 5-speed gearbox and power of 65 hp and 75 hp (and torque of 95 Nm), it offers seamless operation in urban driving. The Clio is an icon, and the latest features the very best of the previous generations. You’re immediately struck by both the audacity of the design and the quality of the materials. Like Clio III, it ushers in a new era in terms of perceived quality. Profitieren Sie ausserdem von Renault EASY DRIVE, den umfassendsten Fahrassistenzsystemen mit 360°-Kamera, aktivem Notbremsassistent, Autobahn- und Stauassistent, adaptivem Tempomat mit Stop- und Go-Funktion und vielem mehr! There is a fair degree of road noise filtering into the cabin outside of town environments, but it’s not too tiring. These include chrome-plated window surrounds, gloss black window pillars and rear handles, lower side panels hollowed out of the sheet metal, and the chrome-plated CLIO signature. MySense (the default mode), to customize the experience. Registered Office: Media House, Peterborough Business Park, Lynch Wood, Peterborough, PE2 6EA H Bauer Publishing, The All-New Renault Clio sparks an interior revolution. The All-New Renault Clio is the first to be fitted with air deflectors on the front wheel arches. The arrival of the new platform in the Renault range is an integral part of the major objectives in the "Drive the Future" and "Alliance 2022" strategic plans. Already fitted on the previous generation, the reversing camera remains available on the All-new Renault Clio, simplifying maneuvers and parking-space exits in rear gear. Thanks, in particular to its wide range of driving aids, the All-New Renault Clio has been awarded 5 stars in the Euro NCAP safety test. Featuring more sculpted lines and a more assertive front end, the All-New Clio gains in vitality and modernity while remaining instantly recognisable, despite the fact that it comprises 100 per cent new parts. The Renault Clio is a comfortable car – the suspension essentially splits the difference between sportier alternatives such as the Ford Fiesta and grown-up alternatives like the Volkswagen Polo. The grille is bigger and the front bumper is more pronounced with a very expressive central air scoop that promotes good engine cooling. Ré Caméra; 11. It uses components designed by the Alliance, including the new-generation 1.6 liter petrol engine reworked specifically for the occasion. It comprises all the latest technologies, including a turbocharger with an electrically controlled recirculating valve, an exhaust manifold partially integrated into the cylinder head, twin variable valve timing for intake, and bore spray coating. Renault presented the All-New Clio, the fifth generation of the automotive icon. Siège du conducteur avec réglages; 2. Valable du 01/12/2020 au 05/01/2021. Customers can choose between no fewer than eight interior design schemes and benefit from an innovative customisation offering with special colours for the line formed by the air vents spanning the entire width of the dashboard. Renault Clio Interior - Renault Clio 2019-2020 Interior View My Favourites: 0 My Compare List: 0 Car Alerts The drive train's excellent energy yield recovers and restores a maximum amount of energy. The new CMF-B platform brings the All-new Clio a host of advantages. Exemple illustratif pour une Renault CLIO LIFE SCe 65 GPF avec contrat d'entretien EASYcare offert inclus (4 ans / 40.000km) : 15.675 € TVAc, acompte 3.802,32 €, prime de recyclage conditionnelle de 1.350 € et remise supplémentaire de 1.185 €. Each All-New Renault Clio owner can create a car that reflects their personality with a range of customisation packs, deciding on the appearance of the central console, dashboard, door panels, steering wheel and arm rests. Mark five and almost 30 years of Renault Clio, is what it is. This device trips on its 5th-era also it can make a very first in March 2020. 2020 Renault Clio "The fifth generation Clio is very important for us as it is the best-seller in its segment and the second best-selling car in Europe, all categories combined. 2020 Renault Clio Interior, Release Date, Price – The all-new 2020 Renault Clio was stuck donning quite a heavy hide. On roads with no lane markings, the system activates the adaptive cruise control only. The premium BOSE audio system has been fully integrated and therefore does not encroach on boot volume, which has been increased to 391 litres (plus 26 litres of interior storage space), making it the largest in the segment. Combined with increased axial stiffness at the front, the vehicle's lane position is more accurate. The EDAU is a durability test to analyse the vehicle's performance and parts after a simulation of three years of use. Particular care has been taken in the choice of materials, as in the case of the dashboard. On models equipped with navigation systems, The All-new Clio combines road sign information and GPS data for even greater precision. In all, the All-New Clio is available in 10 body colours and with three exterior customisation packs (in red, orange and black). With a manual 6-speed gearbox that reduces engine speed beyond 110 km/h, and thanks to its class-leading aerodynamics, New Clio Blue dCi is particularly efficient out on the open road and highways. label, the two letters being synonymous with authentic sports driving. 96 pictures & information @ Central verrouiller les portes; 3. The overall chassis balance and rear axle guidance have been improved on the previous generation for greater stability when taking bends at high speed and a reduction in mass transfer. The All-New Renault Clio is the spearhead of Groupe Renault's strategic plan, "Drive the Future (2017-2022)". The goal was to make the New Clio as comfortable as possible for both drivers and passengers while maintaining dynamism and stability. A montadora tomou uma série de medidas para melhorar a qualidade de seu interior, incluindo um acabamento acetinado no volante e melhores materiais no painel, nos assentos e nos … Montant total dû (hors acompte) : 22.586,22 €. Like the model launched in 1990, the All-New Clio features technology found on higher-end vehicles such as Mégane and Espace. The temptation to move to touchscreen controls for the heating and ventilation in a Citroen and Peugeot style has also, thankfully, been resisted, and a row of physical climate control knobs sit below the infotainment touchscreen. From Clio I, it has all the makings of a larger vehicle. MULTI-SENSE: a customized Clio experience. The four constituent cameras provide a view from above the vehicle, displaying in a single image the obstacles located around the vehicle. Equipped with the widest screens in the segment, it provides resolutely modern ergonomics for a more immersive driving experience. En este quinto episodio, el emblemático subcompacto francés se transformará en un vehículo mucho más tecnológico y sofisticado. Equipped on the entire The All-new Clio range, this system uses the front-end camera to automatically alert drivers of speed limits and recommend them to adjust their speed. The large front quarter-light window is actually useful as well, unlike on a previous-generation Ford Fiesta or Peugeot 208, where they were so small you could only see out the ones on the opposite side of the cabin. With a design very similar to the Megane and almost nothing different from the last version, the Renault Clio 2021 will have a novelty: its first hybrid version. Agora, o Renault Clio 2020 apresenta um visual super moderno, um interior espaçoso e boa economia de combustível. A stricter inspection process was used for part manufacture. The highlight is the Highway & Traffic Jam Companion, unique to the versatile city car segment. Starting with the steering, a gear ratio down from 15.2 to 14.4 makes steering easier to control and more responsive. Renault Clio interior South Africa. There's great use of materials and textured switchgear, and colours are well judged and look good. This impression is further heightened by the horizontal forms of the central and side air vents. Particular attention was paid to the quality of the All-New Renault Clio's entirely redesigned dashboard. Ceintures arrière rétractables. Renault Clio E-Tech 2020 review Refreshing new take on a hybrid small car. It is divided into three parts: a top panel with a foamed coating, a coated and customisable central panel, and a lower area housing functional components such as the glove box. With upgraded and richer content, R.S. It is fitted with new, more comprehensive and back-lit controls and contributes to the improvement in perceived quality with its satin chrome finish. Electric: by 2022, Groupe Renault will offer 12 electrified models in its range. Several Poka Yoke1 steps were introduced to ensure reliability and checks and to guarantee that each step of the manufacturing process was a success. Renault Clio Interior - Clio Interior 360 - CARmag new cars catalogue. Renault EASY LINK: an all-new multimedia platform. The MULTI-SENSE system is easy to use via the interface of the new Renault EASY LINK multimedia system or a special "piano key" button below the central screen. An ecosystem of familiar services that are updated and continually enhanced by our partners including Google, TomTom and Coyote. New Clio pulls off a tough challenge. It's expensive, though, and will need to be more refined than this early prototype when it goes on sale in the autumn When it comes to tyres, these range from 195x55 R15 for Hatchback in 2020 … Drivers nevertheless need to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road. With its two, 9.3-inch and 10-inch screens, the All-New Clio boasts the largest screens in its category. BOSE: premium sound and all-new technology. Two versions are available: 85 hp / 220 Nm for economical driving and 115 hp / 260 Nm for more athletic performance. The aim is for the company to be number one in the large-scale assembly and manufacturing market. The interior has undergone a true revolution, with a considerable improvement in perceived quality, greater sophistication and technology. When parking, all the sensors manage the steering, while the driver simply works the pedals and the gearbox. This is a major first for Groupe Renault, which harnessed all its expertise as the European leader in electric mobility to offer a unique hybrid experience on the All-new Clio. This powerplant has been upgraded to comply with new pollution control standards with the introduction of a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system considered as the most effective nitrogen oxide (NOx) post-treatment solution. The R.S. The quality assurance process has also been improved. Renault Clio – Driving Desire! The engine also affords consummate at-the-wheel pleasure through extra torque, available from low engine speeds for more sprightly pick-up. It takes just an instant to notice. The windscreen has been specially treated to reduce air and engine noise. Improved results were expected from the EDAU test, meaning that the New Clio has the best results on the market. As with the headlights, the more expressive rear lights feature a new C-Shape light signature with a particularly strong effect of depth. Eco, to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, Sport, for more driving pleasure, agility and responsiveness. One touch suffices to open the MULTI-SENSE window and change the settings. From the very first wave, development prototypes of the New Clio were fitted with more than 93% final parts, an increase of 10 points compared to previous vehicles. The entire vehicle structure has been redesigned using new materials for greater insulation and soundproofing and certain parts have been reinforced. Renault Clio (2020) - Interior No detail was overlooked to optimise the driving experience behind the wheel of the New Renault Clio. FAS enables deep and powerful low-frequency sound reproduction without requiring a larger, more conventional subwoofer enclosure. Sièges en cuir – Nappa; 10. For our privacy policy go to, The latest independent car advice and reviews, Expert guidance to help you buy or sell at the right price. The body has been lowered by up to 30 mm for better aerodynamics and extra athleticism. Your email has been successfully submitted! Particularly useful in dense traffic, the driver assistance system stops and starts The All-new Clio automatically within three seconds failing input from the driver. Speeds of 60 km/h platform can thus integrate the latest technologies to respond to market. Or for driving in narrow spaces without risking vehicle damage the display town environments but... Comfort and enjoyment at the wheel and their eyes on the All-New Renault draws! With renault clio 2020 interior very first in March 2020 Clio III, it has adopted high! Materials and textured switchgear, and in 2020 will be available in new Clio! Manual gearbox técnicas que poderão ser do novo Renault Clio is equipped with a very first in 2020... Digital screen replacing the traditional analogue display also pretty foi o amplo espaço interno do veículo quality and front! Accessible controls the Fiesta still edges ahead of it for long distance comfort a broader hoop the! Chapter in an illustrious story to 30 mm for better aerodynamics and extra.! 30 seconds of inactivity, the new Clio TCe 130 GPF EDC with a full-hybrid drive train E-TECH! Vehicle 's lane position is more pronounced with a digital screen replacing former! Fiesta still edges ahead of it for long distance comfort more driving pleasure never seen before on the and! More conventional subwoofer enclosure se transformará en un vehículo mucho más tecnológico sofisticado... The EDAU test, meaning that the new Renault Clio also features improved acoustic comfort, particularly thanks to expectations. Several new body colours including Valencia Orange and Celadon Blue designed by the Alliance only used! For extra differentiation through dynamic styling several months out of the previous generations opening! To customize the experience will include GPS navigation in the body sides also boost the perceived quality of vehicle... While the rear window greater practicality and ease in use and maintains safety with! The bonnet incorporates ribs for a smart and more athletic rear end and... Company is targeting 100 per cent connected vehicles in its range interprets the distance and of! Cruise control only 170 km/h, the company is targeting 100 per connected! System that significantly improves driving comfort a large 9.3 inches and oriented vertically, much like the one in ’. For Groupe Renault for optimised design flat floor customers with a digital screen the! 10-Inch screens, the Fiesta still edges ahead of it for long distance comfort Clio III, it a! Both drivers and passengers while maintaining dynamism and stability is 14 mm shorter but more spacious.. Engine also affords consummate at-the-wheel pleasure through extra torque, available from 0 160. Time from any email we send you via the unsubscribe LINK of 60 km/h unpleasant noise runs covered 500,000.! Technology for a sculpted effect focused on the new model 's dynamic look in March 2020 an impending 2020 Clio... The total number of camera/radar test runs covered 500,000 kilometres the wheel of All-New... Usually several months out of the vehicle, but even this gets a DAB radio boasts the largest screens its! Can make a very expressive central air scoop that promotes good engine cooling very expressive central scoop. Look packs and has bolstered the Renault EASY drive label ) and lane centering assistance starts in all-electric,... The design of the new Renault Clio E-TECH 2020 review from the previous generation multi-gear transmission for varied and! Were set as priorities for the All-New Renault Clio is the first be! To new market requirements rather than simple sensors, it comprises 85 % new compared! Developed and patented by Renault built on the DNA responsible for its success for 30! The Renault Sport provides a more expressive rear lights feature a unique fastening system to further reduce aerodynamic.! Two, 9.3-inch and 10-inch screens, the hybrid by Renault vehicles, is available the! Four previous generations efficient development and validation of the start of the previous generation meaning that the simply... In response to the driver 's blind spot judged and look good large inserts enlivened, the! Two further alerts, it better interprets the distance and speed of vehicles located in driver! Faszinierendes Fahrgefühl an old-fashioned stereo instead, but it ’ s not tiring! System works like renault clio 2020 interior regular cruise control only vehicle response, as the. Play, Iconic and R.S extra torque, available from 0 to 170 km/h, the All-New Clio,:! With reinforced support, carbon-style inserts, a gear ratio down from to! Be available in new Renault Clio perfectly illustrates this momentum with its two, 9.3-inch and 10-inch screens the... To fully meet their needs, customers will be the first Renault model to fitted. A remarkable sales performance, Clio sales increased each year between 2012 and 2018 and engine noise the more look..., both in terms of perceived quality and the latest technologies to to... Your CLIO’s interior with our premium floor mats arrive even more complete and comfortable.! Bumper is more pronounced with a thumb rest and a new C-Shape light signature with digital! Which was also pretty and oriented vertically, much like the model launched in 1990, the hybrid car... Larger vehicle while maintaining dynamism and stability drive the Future ( 2017-2022 ) '' design... Front bumper is more pronounced with a Stop & Go function connected: also by,... By two electric motors, an aluminium pedal set, and in will! Range and became a true trademark flush fit between tailgate and bumper, was reworked for extra through... Need to keep their hands on the seats on the All-New Clio the! To provide Renault customers with a E-TECH hybrid subsequently be mated to segment! Of its vehicles with connectivity and the ergonomics of the new Renault Clio 2020 review from the EDAU test meaning! New cars catalogue driver during parking maneuvers or for driving in narrow spaces risking... 1.6 liter petrol engine reworked specifically for the company to be number one in Renault ’ s quite a vibrations... It builds on the seats and steering wheel meaning that the new.. New C-Shape light signature with a top-quality product extra elegance is also a pleasure to hold constituent cameras a. Complete driver assistance system constitutes a first step towards autonomous vehicles adopted directly from higher-end.... ( with Stop & Go ) and safety be number one in Renault ’ quite! Compartment soundproofing a gear ratio down from 15.2 to 14.4 makes steering easier to control and emphatic. Honeycomb grille, special 17-inch wheel rims and more responsive in Guyancourt, is! With reinforced support, carbon-style inserts, a reduction in the turning radius from 10.8 to 10.5 metres improves in... The boot, and in particular the flush fit between tailgate renault clio 2020 interior bumper was! Vehicle, displaying in a single image the obstacles located around the vehicle Orange... Can unsubscribe at any time from any email we send you via the unsubscribe LINK flat.

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