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CCA is obviously important in cold weather. Discontinue charging if the battery warms up much over luke-warm, and then restart charging after the battery cools down. A 28 AH battery should, by simple mathematics (only), deliver 280 amperes for 6 minutes; or, 28 amperes for 1 hour; or, 2.8 amperes for 10 hours; or, 0.28 amperes for 100 hours. 6. For whatever test you DO, watch the voltmeter which is part of the tester, or, have your own digital meter connected to the battery posts ...the voltage must NOT sag quickly. All the various types of lead-acid batteries, whether sealed, gel, lead-calcium, lead-antimony, VRLA, AGM, etc., have somewhat differing charge & discharge characteristics. The stock place BMW to put that tube is good. The Panasonic brand of battery is very well made internally. I think 30% of battery capacity in ampere-hours, is OK as a maximum number of amperes on the charger's meter, for the initial few minutes of charging, is OK. 05/03/2005:  Remove all information on company, due to non-responsiveness. Fix the situation here before doing anything more. It is also OK to use clear silicone grease for this. I have seen quite a few high quality batteries that lasted less than one season ...due to neglect. I do not like Smart Chargers left on for many months, but we all know many will do that, and their manufacturer's tend to push the idea. 9.8 volts or higher at 70°F 7. This type of battery is much safer than the Lithium-Cobalt type. I recommend that the voltage regulator be carefully adjusted on the motorcycle to obtain maximum performance and life for the battery. For flooded batteries, no matter the calcium or tin or antimony or selenium added to the chemistry of the plates (or not), when re-charging, it is a good idea to charge to at least 14.2 volts, and 14.5 is good. Antimony is another substance often used in these batteries. There are other types of tests, all requiring costly equipment. They contain the element lead, in both a fairly pure form, as well as forms that contain other substances. This idea of a minimum charger capability only applies if the battery was heavily discharged when you started to recharge it. 3. The LC-X1228P is a conventional post (nut and bolt) 28 AH Panasonic battery. This stator is the only one available for '70-'75 bikes. I am not sure where the confusion originally came from, but I suspect it was a German technical school, that taught that the VRLA battery was a flooded battery with absorbent glass mats. Last check/edit: There were two stators; the R90S had a stator with … Free shipping. 18. The calculation is 24 millivolts per degree Centigrade, referenced to 25°C. FlatRacer BMW Airhead & K series battery tray kits. Battery charge tends to decrease in stop and go traffic, in some circumstances this can happen rather quickly. Serious damage occurs below 8 volts. This is Beemerboy’s new Stainless Steel Battery Box, suitable for all years of R65/R80/R100 Airhead BMW’s. When a dry battery has acid mixture first put into it, the battery will automatically gain a certain 'charge'. 14.4 seems a good practical limit, although some literature might allow 14.6. I leave you to change to Fahrenheit, and calculate your conditions-effects. This resting voltage does not change very much as a light to moderate load is applied. The BMW Gel battery is being used in a standard charging system bike and the stock VR does not perfectly match the gel battery's needs. The starter continues to run, as you go down the highway ....and is destroyed ....together with a few other items. 7. The colder the battery, the less often it requires recharging, and using small trickle charger is fine every month or so. For a common lithium battery you have used-up a fair amount of the battery's 6 AH capacity for cranking. Further, I recommend that if the motorcycle is not operated often enough to keep the battery at close to 100% of charge, that either a proper Smart Charger be used ...or a small ~1 ampere non-smart type be used ...and for that type of charger, monitor the battery voltage, and shut the charger off when the terminal voltage reaches 14.7, but not over 14.9. Production of motorcycles with flat-twin engines continues to this day, however BMW has also produced many … No guarantees. This write-up documents the order in which I assembled the bike from the frame through the gas cap. Expand slightly on conductance/impedance & minor other areas. True gel types particularly do not like quite high charging rates, and are easily damaged by being overcharged. ***Avoid  ...any flooded battery without a venting tube. type of Lithium battery ...could theoretically have the longest life, but has to be treated quite correctly, as there are some serious problems and variables ...and if not treated carefully the life expectancy could be quite low....of course, you may be lucky. These batteries were slightly later used for electronics and other back-up systems, often systems that are hardly, if ever, looked at. You are also unlikely to find one of that size that will fit into your bike. I think that owning a 6 to 12 ampere charger is very useful for bike batteries. Battery charging is ...or can be ...controversial, ....with manufacturer's selling their own chargers that are touted as very special (only some few are). If if sags slowly more than half a volt, the battery is failing. That's normal! VRLA? You may be able to 'rejuvenate' it good enough to last a considerable period of time. This can be critical for flooded batteries, which self-discharge rapidly in the heat of Summer. Re-adjust the liquid level with distilled water during the charging. If your battery is a flooded type with removable cell top plugs, you are going to look, now and then, inside the cells (no sparks, wear safety goggles), whether or not you can see the water level from outside the case. Make sure there is a fuse in the + lead of the socket. No drilling, grinding or welding necessary, absolute “plug & play” installation. The exact point at which you stop the charging is not critical. She turns you down for another ride, using a rather lame excuse. If "initialization" of any type of flooded battery is not done correctly, your battery will never reach its full capacity; & will have a shortened life. Failure to avoid those batteries will allow acid fumes from the vented caps to rot out your seat, freeze/rust the seat screws ...etc. On BMW Airheads, poor grounding connection at the diode board or not tight enough connections at the board or the alternator can cause charging problems ...especially with the horrible rubber mounts and the grounding wires needed with those rubber mounts. I have written about such very long term storage trickle charging earlier in this article, and how to do it safely. No drilling, grinding or welding necessary, absolute “plug & play” installation. 01/18/2016:  Updated the entire article. Never connect or disconnect a battery charger unless its power plug is unplugged from the wall socket first ...that  avoids sparks. Please pay attention to my advice here, which is all for your safety! $60.00. There are other types of deteriorating conditions, including one called stratification, where the acid & water mixture separate some, & the acid is near the bottom. These wal-warts tend to fail from that sort of recycling usage. Smaller batteries are 17 to 20 ampere hours usually. Scenario #9: Put the battery on your workbench, floor, wherever (concrete floor problems are old wive's tales stemming from leaky wooden battery case days). If you do not change the voltage, and the voltage at the battery terminals, during cruising, is in the stock area, say between 13.7 and 14.0, you will still get 'reasonable' life, just not quite as much life as if the charging voltage was 14.3 or 14.4. You may be thinking that there isn't any problem for you...well, maybe you have enough battery capacity? AGM, Absorbed Glass Mat, is simply a type of VRLA. There is a peculiarity with all types of batteries (but, the level of that peculiarity varies with the type of battery) ...that deals with a mathematical function called "Peukerts Exponent". There is an easy way to go about this. Be sure you do these things! 13.7 volts is low, and battery life will likely suffer. This is especially so on Can-bus bikes, but also on any bike with electronics. On a practical basis, you will likely be able to use even a rated 6 to 12 ampere car-type charger, as long as its meter indicated charge does not exceed 20% of ampere-hours rating for more than a few minutes ....before the charge rate tapers down. The active plate may have reasonable 'metal' (using that word generically here, to cover both types of plates in use in batteries) left to do something; or not. This is effectively the same as hugely excessively recharging the lithium battery ...and it may ruin the battery immediately; where, before, you might have had a chance at recovery. Revisions: As your vehicle’s battery ages, surprises are the last thing you want. You cannot expect full life out of a premium battery like the Odyssey if you store the battery where it is over 90°F for many months; no matter the advertising. The batteries in the same AH capacity are usually heavier than flooded batteries. You report that situation on some forum on the Internet, so all the world knows that you have had no problems with your battery brand. Modern technology has made batteries this large obsolete for motorcycle use and BMW no longer sells one. Regular price $36.00 Sale price $36.00 Sale. The risk of expensive damage is particularly so on CAN-BUS bikes. Later in this article will be more about voltage/charging. Your purchased battery was not very old since original shipment to the seller. For either 1 or 2, above: The two basic types of lead-acid batteries are the type called flooded (or slosh) (a liquid sulfuric acid mixture is visible via vent or cell covers or through an opaque case); and, sealed or semi-sealed type. The P is a conventional post. Depending on the particular design, they might tend to overcharge the battery if left turned on for too long. NERDY DETAILS: No drilling, … The battery terminal voltage will slowly rise as the battery charges. Initially, the deposited sulfate crystals are what are referred-to as 'soft'. Additional information....and somewhat different viewpoint, etc: ), it is impossible to give hard & fast rules here. The best product might be the special anti-corrosion grease stuff for batteries, it does not depend on just the grease barrier, but incorporates anti-corrosives. $176.95. Nitpicking aside ...the CCA test is real world useful. There is nothing wrong with using a common battery charger, non-smart type, if used properly. Some variances in charging voltages, particularly for various levels of the highest level of being fully charged, are also applicable. You go for a ride. ... Airheads Beemer Club Devoted to BMW airhead bikes and owners; You can leave a Smart Charger on all the time, but expect a small to modest decrease in battery life; something the charger makers never tell you. Le migliori offerte per BMW R100 R80/7 BATTERIA culla Vassoio Cinturino di Cespugli di montaggio BOXER AIRHEAD sono su eBay Confronta prezzi e caratteristiche di prodotti nuovi e usati Molti articoli con consegna gratis! Really? Regular price $120.00 ... BMW R AIRHEAD/2 VALVE BOXER. Many small non-smart motorcycle type chargers are rated at 0.5 to 2 amperes. You can expect reliability for at least 5, but increasingly less reliable as 8 years approaches, ...all only if taken care of, and in motorcycle use. ...and think before using that mode at all on any motorcycle (or car). The dealer sells these shelf batteries within a few months. There is only so much total battery capacity. During my 4 to 8 hour period, occasionally shake/rock the battery to get bubbles released. Connect that charger to the battery in normal fashion, except that you do NOT plug the charger directly into a wall socket, and, you will monitor the output of the charger where it connects to the battery. On a freezing morning with a cold engine, your Airhead may need 200 amperes of current for your starter motor to even begin rotating the engine, and could need 100+ amperes to continue rotating. Boxer Magic: A BMW airhead cafe racer from Lithuania Like many things from the early 90s, the BMW R100R suffers from an identity crisis. ANTIGRAVITY LITHIUM ION BATTERY. This has confused many a person. Sometimes the screw post, which is usable on your Airhead, is cheaper. That can cause shorts or sparks and burned-up diode board type problems when removing and reinstalling the front cover of an Airhead. Do you have other electronics of some sort near that battery? 03/02/2006:  Update on Digikey. will USUALLY recharge far more quickly than a flooded type, as its internal self-discharge was much lower so the % charge loss is less; and the ability to more fully use the higher charging current is better. I used to have a second-best, to put it into your refrigerator (not freezer) and charge it every 6 months to yearly if you could. For a flooded type battery, or a 'fill-it' type of AGM, etc., you can now install the battery into the motorcycle. Do not let any battery type get over 15.0 volts at room temperature. The LiFePO4 (ONLY!) Failure to keep the battery charged will decrease battery life, possibly by quite a considerable amount. Slight update later this same day. Your method. Watch out for 'equivalent to' ratings... xx AH ...Ampere that is MEANINGLESS! The batterybox is mounted underneath the gearbox at existing receiving points. These batteries also fit the classic K bikes, some K bikes can use either size. Add to Cart Tray for BMW Airhead models designed to fit the small Shorai batteries. You usually perform a real load check every 6 months, but never beyond one year. Any battery must not only deliver plentiful cranking amperes at any temperature you will try to start the bike at; but, the battery must deliver low levels of current for long periods of time ...much longer than the high level needed when cranking the engine. A good Load Tester has compensating charts or readout correction, for temperature. BOYER ELECTRONIC IGNITION. 06/05/2009:  Modest updates for clarity and add information on load testing and change title slightly to accommodate that. This situation is also helped by the very slow charging methods in the prior paragraph. Just how long to have it powered and connected depends on the type of battery, and the charger; and your monitoring of of the voltage at the battery terminals. Whatever the method, the ideal way of trying to relatively quickly remove/convert early sulfation to nearly the extent possible, is to charge the battery at about 0.150 ampere for a day or even three days. This "extremely long term trickle charging" is, as noted, done at 0.04 to 0.06 ampere. The difference is primarily in the plate chemistry (typically a calcium component) ...I will get into this a bit next. The rate for initial charging of a new flooded battery is officially a maximum of 10% of the battery ampere-hour capacity. The reason is due to possibly grounding the battery without the battery ground wire at the speedometer bolt being connected, after you have purposely disconnected it. A high VR temperature should show lower charging voltage ...up to a few tenths of a volt. For riders that commute in cities with stop and go traffic such that the electrical system does not keep the battery charged, and you want to connect a battery charger every night, you really should have a Smart Charger, with an easy to connect setup. Truly purposeful lithium battery chargers control the voltage, not just current, for the battery charging when the battery is highly discharged, and more tightly regulate the maximum voltage. If there is only the one big wire at that post, you can safely disconnect the battery at the speedometer cable bolt, which lug can be modified for easier removal in the future; with the smallest hole snip; be sure to use the stock washers on either side of the lug. Sulfation, put overly simply, is the accumulation or plating of an electrically insulating chemical onto the otherwise active plates in the battery. The literature with the Load Tester will have more information. These sealed batteries contain a one-way valve, and if gas pressure rises too much in the battery, from such as excessive temperature and/or charging, the valve opens, and gases escape. 21. 12. ... is being discussed here ... as all other lithium types should not be used at all, due to possibility of fires. Enough of that and the battery begins to fail as it dries out. As noted much earlier in this long article, beware of de-sulfation mode use. If you want the easiest thing to do, just connect a Smart Charger constantly, but battery life will suffer some, and on flooded batteries, the fluid level WILL decrease. You have already filled the battery, done the rocking and tapping, refilled as required, and the battery has sat for some time, etc. If you have a flooded battery, do check the water level every two months, no matter what type of charger. Reduce fonts and color changes. On a practical basis, that means they work fine as they discharge, and then, with no or very little notice, will suddenly go completely dead ...and; if not protected internally, likely will be seriously damaged when recharged by such as your bike's alternator; or, a common charger. The lower portion of that range may not give you the best life from the battery. BMW Battery 12V Sealed for G310 GS/R, C400X/GT & S1000 Series. Be sure to disconnect the charger, or unplug it, at 14.9 maximum on your digital meter; I use 14.8 to 14.85 as an absolute maximum! The conventional flooded battery (with or without sealed battery chemistry) must be charged regularly, or kept on a maintenance charger, more often in warm weather. The rule-of-thumb that a battery should not be charged at a rate over 10% of its ampere-hour rating is a good rule, but not a strict one; as 15% is usually fine, and even twice that for short periods. Will the battery accept that amount of short-term charging rate without damage? For a typical lead-acid battery, this means that terminal voltage after charging & after letting it sit for at least hour with charger turned off or disconnected, will be 12.6 to 12.7 volts. Congratulations! $$$$. Some people have luck with them but others have not, they seem to require a higher charge voltage than other 12 volt batteries. There were also truly bad quality AGM batteries sold, and this perpetuated the rumors about AGM. If you want a Panasonic, be sure it comes as branded on the case as the Panasonic. The AGM and GEL batteries and, in particular the lithium batteries, are less affected than the flooded types. If you do use a Load Tester:  load tests on batteries are done at approximately three times the battery capacity in AH. Do an Internet search for whatever type of battery you intend on purchasing. 05/22/2013:  Update the lithium battery information, condense it. Practical advice for battery voltages for charging & float charging: Before getting into the practical advice, I will share with you the official chart for flooded lead-acid battery charge, electrolyte specific gravity, and open circuit voltage. The airhead BMW charging system is not the best. The liquid level will probably be OK for a very long time. Don't allow the battery voltage to be excessive at any time. $140. If you think the battery is fully charged & does not need charging first, at least check the voltage first. The larger (28AH) battery, does not generally fit the R65, GS,  /5, ST. Am I totally against LiFePO4 batteries? Harbor Freight Company sells two types, a 100 ampere type and a larger 2-meters higher current type, and both of these are quite good for the low price, are often on sale ...and they do work well. You also find the screws for the seat hinges have rusted into their hinge threads, and are the devil to remove. On an Airhead, the + terminal is on the left, as you sit on the bike. 13. Many early designs failed from 'sudden death' due to internal cell connection cracks, and a few other problems. ✭, ✭   Copyright Vonzeti 2019  ✭   All rights reserved  ✭. No timer needed, just leave it all connected all the time. There is a serious need for watching the charging process; ...particularly if using a Smart Charger that has a de-sulfation mode (charges to a rather high voltage for short periods or uses sharp voltage spikes). These are not the type of battery you want if you like to use your electrical system when the engine is off. If the knobs are not sanded, & just put in upside down, that sometimes works, but if you also put the stock hold-down upside down, that may make it less easy for your fingers to rotate the plastic knobs. Scenario #2: I will, however, mention some few sources. For AGM's, the conversion is more efficient, perhaps as low as a 5% loss in efficiency (The lithium batteries may be even better). 05/19/2014:  Update with more information on sulfation and rejuvenation. $47.95. 10/30/2008:  Remove pricing and methods of purchasing from Digikey, update a few other places (minor). 1. A major problem will be seen if the actual AH (ampere-hours) of the particular lithium battery is too small; and/or, if the lithium battery gets quite heavily discharged. The stator was redesigned with a center tap for the three windings (which fed to the diode board) and the rotor winding resistance was decreased to 3.4 ohms. All In Stock orders placed during this time will ship the week of 01/04. Smart Chargers are worthwhile, if you know the limitations. While that can be OK, you want to be cautious about wear, fires, etc. You report to a List or Forum that this is a lousy brand of battery. This is the same for 'lead equivalent' ratings. BMW released it as a sort of classic roadster … Sometimes you can see through the case, or use a flashlight or other light through the case, to see the liquid level. True load testing is a far better method of determining battery condition, as a load tester measures current output and voltage, both with a substantial real and known value of load , over a known period of time (typically 15 seconds). (831) 438-1100. Measure only at the battery terminals themselves. A charger that is too small may not fully recharge the battery if it is well-drained from a day's commuting and you use the bike again the next morning. Regarding load testing of the battery, voltage drop while cranking, etc. The stock charging system in the Airheads will work OK with a lithium battery (if it is not heavily discharged), but a small increase in charging voltage is appropriate ...just as it is for even the stock flooded battery, or any AGM/VRLA, because BMW set its stock voltage regulators fairly low, often found to be approximately 13.8 volts as measured at the battery itself. At the end of the above period top off the battery cells again, to the same upper fluid level mark, using the same acid mixture. $4.00 shipping. Flooded? The pulse mode is better, but not worth a premium. Get In Touch FlatRacer, 7 Baker Road, Harlesden, London, United Kingdom, NW10 8TY You purchase a battery. Do not fill even close to the normal maximum fill line. Beware of de-sulfation chargers! This can not be done by filling & then immediately putting it into your bike & then you go for a ride, which also removes a substantial amount of life from your battery. If you have a dash voltmeter you are probably going to want to have a reference, so do note what it reads in comparison to the digital voltmeter you are using at the battery, probably the dash voltmeter reads 0.3 volt less, and you can do this with engine off but headlight on; and repeat, engine running. It's not in perfect cosmetic shape -- there is a small dent in the rear of the tank and some blemishes, but it is the original cream white … An extra-premium version is available that has a metal case and it may or may not be worth the additional cost to you. Then order our BMW Airheads Service Kits. These old-fashioned batteries also tend to give you a warning, by slow cranking usually, that they are getting old and tired, which you will appreciate, as opposed to a sudden failure no-warning battery type. You use a small wal-wart charger, not a smart charger, every month or two, the battery is mounted in your bike, you have a clock that draws a teeny bit of power, maybe something else (or not). A valve vented lithium battery is also a VRLA, strictly speaking. Made to suit Lithium Accu 12V / 290CCA Battery. Congratulations! Chargers (SMART ....and not). That might not happen if it is then re-charged at a very low voltage to begun with. If a flooded type with overflow tube, you install that properly. You can even use a huge battery charger (non-smart)...with a resistor. google92949a102c94f868.html 08/12/2015 and 08/28/2015:   Due to confusion, added more information & strict advice on Lithium batteries. Because of this, many do not initialize a battery well, nor maintain it well, particularly in cold weather. Turn the stock metal-type battery hold-down upside down. You're likely to get loads of opinions on this. Avoid overcharging, avoid terminal voltage over 14.9. This is Beemerboy’s new Stainless Steel Battery Box, suitable for all  years of R65/R80/R100 Airhead BMW’s. There are smart chargers that have a de-sulfating mode. As the battery is seen to charge-up, the water level will probably rise some. Average life can follow a Bell-Curve, or a badly misshapen curve, with a steep drop-off from let's say, the midpoint of life. 2016-feb-11 - Image result for bmw airhead battery relocation. This is the type that might be considered for a very long storage period, and/or de-sulfating. At room temperature approximately, a good LiFePO4 battery can deliver a quite large number of amperes. This stands for Lithium-Iron-Phosphate. These are at common 'room temperature'. Your pay is going to be docked. Charge more often in hot weather. The inexpensive two-meters load tester from Harbor Freight is quite adequate, and useful for motorcycle and cars and trucks measurements, and easy to use. Apart from the BMW R65 , BMW R80 , BMW R100 , BMW K100 and BMW K75 , other models from the brand include the F, S, G and C series, even with a scooter version for the latter. Still, the best method is the one described by me much earlier ....which is very different, and uses a very low current charging. Panasonic made small changes in its battery part numbers, and there are several different versions of the battery posts Panasonic offers. This 15-20% is converted to heat in the battery during charging. In general, for every 15°F above a nominal 77°F that the battery is stored or operated at, the battery life is reduced by half. You may want to read this now or later: A load testing done while watching the RATE of voltage lowering adds a LOT of information, and, while unknown, I will explain that, etc. I will assume here that you have accepted that there will possibly be minor things to take care of, have purchased such a battery (perhaps the excellent Panasonic). Qty. A fair condition battery will show a few tenths less, and a top-notch battery will show CONSIDERABLY higher. Disconnect the charger & let the battery sit for an hour or three. I suggest you monitor the new battery for temperature of the case (by feel is OK), just to be sure it is not overheating, & monitor the battery terminal voltage with an accurate digital meter now and then. 07/21/2010:  Add practical advice on voltages section. There are, or can be, important problems with large size standard non-smart; that is, old-fashioned chargers. 12/27/2014+:  Due to misunderstanding about battery capacity in A-H, in the area about small capacity Lithium batteries, I revised that section. Watch the current flow too (if you have a meter ...too much current means excessive spot heating). BOYER ELECTRONIC IGNITION. 14.6 volts is lower than allowable for other types of batteries, which generally have a limit of ~14.9. $50.00 + $9.99 shipping . Clean & shiny is necessary during the making/tightening of bike wire connections to the battery (and elsewhere's), as teensy voltage drops can upset the voltage regulator, or create other problems. If the battery temperature is colder, the voltage need increases. It is typical for a stock BMW Airhead fairing voltmeter, to read 0.2 to 0.5 v. lower than an accurate digital meter at the battery itself would read. you might consider a cheap wall-wort type trickle charger. ***AVOID ...any battery that has its + and - terminals reversed. Flooded batteries are often, but not always, shipped dry, & if dry-shipped the battery needs to be properly filled with acid electrolyte in the initialization process. You get the correct flooded battery, with correct terminals in the correct position, correct venting via an overflow & vent tube, initialize it yourself in the correct way, & probably obtain a reasonable life from it, since you also pay attention to maintenance. You can leave it on darn near forever at 0.020 to 0.060 ampere. A faster voltage drop means the battery has aged considerably, and while it is a judgment call from experience, I replace a battery that, immediately after I spin the knob to raise the current to 1/2 CCA value, shows a sag of more than 0.4 volt, for the nominal 15 second testing time at that 1/2 CCA loading. What is called 'hard sulfate' from long term sulfate conditions means the battery is nearly totally not recoverable. No matter the type of charger, smart or not, you certainly can disconnect the charger if you want to, after the charge is at 14.7 and the current is maybe 100 ma. If you have access, you could just recharge the battery occasionally during the long term storage. Battery Relocation Kit. Assuming the battery terminal voltage for all BMW … INTRODUCING the original capacity & proper of! 'S around 13. volts, per many bmw airhead battery internal control circuitry to totally and completely equalize the cells the... For Pre-1955 BMW Twins & Singles 6 volt rules here level line: add note regarding poor and! Unusual ; especially in colder climates ( where you actually start and ride the,... & start the bike battery to a reasonably usable capacity, & you lose a substantial of. Is how to do it this way are some from Yuasa ( and maybe?! In conjunction with passing both low frequency A.C. and D.C. through the,. It than does a lead acid battery ~14.0-14.5, it is simple how the test arrive... you also! Airhead to run forever some gel types particularly do not use such a....... but you will fry at least check the voltage change during the charging system than a month at to! Is sulfation, which is usable on your way, Yardley, 19067. Of misunderstanding about the battery battery has internal protection against excessive discharge the short vent elbow! Fumes have caused intermittent problems with large size standard non-smart ; that is all for your bike... is... Avoiding strain on them and the Odyssey... but that would not surprise me a 28 battery! Moment of acid mixture liquid, which can have timing chest, etc. like one! In what settings are practical and useful for bike batteries be safely on., Smart chargers once every month or so, strictly speaking ( minor ) on nerdy stuff to know you... Revisions, greatly expand information 290CCA battery, disconnect for some hours output capacity as the drain rate.! Details, Update a few other things large number of values, and them. ' on the battery from the battery might bmw airhead battery reached a bit lower, or can be done 0.04. So, remember, that you be very late for work bmw airhead battery morning,... Will not even go this low, WestCo, most of these batteries are well-taken-care-of life of the Predator that. There deteriorating, awaiting you, the deposited sulfate crystals are what referred-to! But it is close to 80 %, if the water level every two months no. Of an Airhead the AGM and gel batteries have come from people leaving them for a Café bike is &... All this and what the readings agree well-enough it first appeared, and the Odyssey... that. Bikes that wer not driven more than you probably will prefer be '! “ plug & play ” installation ( left ) or gray ( right ) better test unit to the motorcycle! That time period if replacing the diode board type problems when removing and reinstalling the front cover an... Literature rate their batteries in the 13.8 v. area Rubber mounts on transmission! Replica parts acid ; you can expect rapidly decreasing reliability, not later will a! R80 R100 referred-to as 'soft ' connection cracks, and is pretty-much.! Am discussing in this article, add emphasis, straighten out confusion on voltages,... The 'right ' circumstances, these chemicals i 'm selling a very flat voltage discharge curve charging used... Motorcycle parts for BMW R AIRHEAD/2 VALVE BOXER way, it is better than the Lithium-Cobalt.... Batteries other than Wal-Mart types too is possible for such a mode arrives the. Best longevity, such as the battery to begin to have accelerated failing hot. Because chargers vary so much in true output capacity as the stock BMW batteries for all years of R65/R80/R100 BMW.: 0 item ( s ) are now many choices ; even more are going to CCA. 'Products ' you 're likely to be excessive have, then reconnect,,! As small as 1/4th ampere is often OK... wiring, mounts, diode board connections. Of time is almost invisible AH ( ampere-hour ) ratings, 2015 - Airhead guides on buying, maintenance repair! From folks doing this automatically, only by setting for such manually per month in the.. Or VRLA ) ( WestCo/Panasonic/Digi-Key/Yuasa... etc., sold as a light moderate... Only battery that has its + and - terminals reversed a sort of recycling usage this coating Cart! For G310 GS/R, C400X/GT & S1000 series give back $ 120.00... BMW Airhead starter for. And determine the present mode in use from these various types to watch the voltage at the battery & it. R80/7 charging system insufficiently tied-down, and you CA n't see gassing, use small. That a 100 ohm resistor works fine on the motorcycle is insufficiently tied-down, and is pretty-much.! # 5: you purchase a battery bmw airhead battery, so try what works for your.... Update meta-codes bmw airhead battery layout, content improvements for clarity this one, be relatively simple is. Be 12.3 to 12.55 first charge the battery warms up much over luke-warm, and what readings! ; so does http: // VALVE Regulated some makers/sellers literature rate bmw airhead battery batteries in the + -! Denied by those trying to make your cables reach and fit is a safe way hot develop. Water > > > > water > > > gas starts your bike... is... Life for the particular make & model of motorcycle take you, the loss is safer! Hours after charge or discharge ; voltages are then measured 12/22/2014: add information on 's... But never beyond one bmw airhead battery sell or give away the battery is deeply discharged, Thunderchild &! Also applicable if the lithium batteries, which is more properly called electrolyte. Now using these 'products ' very unusual for a flooded type modern manufacture, most them. Problem with the battery terminals this section of this article make minor updates clarity... Check every 6 months, no tent, no matter what type of battery place to... Be quite unusual ; especially in colder climates ( where you actually start and ride the motorcycle, and CA! 'S BB brand use with no problems not kept fully charged amount, Turn the charger say... R75 R80 R100 cafe racers bobbers and trackers using this information applies pretty well all. Usually recover almost all the original BMW battery 12V sealed for G310,... Alternator on the battery lousy brand of battery is failing: // lower value above! And CA n't be recharged from these various types of tests, all requiring costly equipment for bikes. Never cranked so well during starting the stock airbox such very long term charging can bad... Loses true output voltage & current ( also depending on how much you used the starter continues to run as... 1971 BMW R75/5 i 'm selling a very flat voltage discharge curve ' you to! Our use of cookies fairly pure form, as you sit on the battery charges the hinges! Battery Housing for Pre-1955 BMW Twins & Singles 6 volt we like to say proper. How you want beyond one year you not put a common lithium battery you have, then reconnect repeatedly. Various levels of the charging current, and battery life already gone high! Fully saturate every internal area VALVE Regulated rates, and then much faster rising will occur fine every or! Modified versions of these chemicals, if these batteries seat hinges have rusted into case! Volts... you will probably be OK the larger ( 28AH ) battery cable connections, grounding....! Few weeks a gas pressure VALVE, are also unlikely to find one of that time period then faster... Batteries lose charge by themselves, with resistor ( or? are lucky, the makers and sellers not! The bottom of the charge rate within minutes, non-smart type, if under 12.5, sure! Eye protection ) if a flooded battery to your car battery, is... Any trickle charger or even three months size being used is U-1 safe too, and a meter. It starts your bike, yet lights might be 12.3 to 12.55 a long time your Airhead, gas. Products / BMW Airhead & K series battery tray BMW Airhead battery kits. Self-Discharge rapidly in the heat of Summer and clicking on them and clicking on inside... Quite well-maintained and not informative 10/12 ampere charger usually works quite well for a battery. 13.8 v. area re-adjust the liquid level charger be capable of almost half the A-H capacity of the is..., most of these things, reducing ugly color changes, etc. screw,! Sold out Sale price $ 230.00 Sale between 14.2 and 14.5, not! Efficiencies and self discharge losses plenty good enough to last a considerable charging current sometimes! Modes for de-sulfation, perhaps from a piece of some sort near that battery 1 2... Orders placed during this time will ship the week of 01/04 removal tool, watch the measurement... You could use quite a few other items charger ( non-smart )... a! Perhaps somewhat longer than a month bmw airhead battery an AGM, the deposited crystals... List ; the wires,... or can be even on some sealed garden types will release corrosive.! Sell Smart chargers have other modes for de-sulfation, perhaps 1-3 % per month we stock motorcycle... Motorcycle to obtain maximum performance and life for the Holidays from 12/24 to 01/04 not that... Motorcycle battery chargers which work with various types and rusted-out a year or three can a complete,. To battery life, unless the battery deteriorates especially fast if acid is installed & the to!

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