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There are over 3 times more calories in a slice of Ezekiel bread then there is a slice of white bread. Though not technically Ezekiel bread, Dave’s Killer Bread sports almost all of the necessary sprouted grains, which gives it an impressive amount of fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Does Ezekiel bread go moldy? Ezekiel bread is the most popular type of sprouted bread, but depending on the composition of grains and legumes, it is possible to create a bread that is a “complete protein”. You can use Ezekiel bread for anything you would use regular bread for, including sandwiches. It’s a nutrient-dense source of multiple grains and seeds, with a  nutritional value that has been enhanced by allowing the seeds and grains to sprout. Though billed as Ezekiel Bread, Virginia Gourmet Ezekiel Bread is missing a few of the key ingredients. What is Ezekiel bread? Is Dave’s Killer Bread considered Ezekiel bread? Why is Ezekiel bread called Ezekiel bread? This dense, nutty, vitamin-rich bread comes with a long list of health claims, mostly based on the incredible variety of grains, seeds, and legumes it contains. Is Ezekiel bread safe for children to consume? Do you need to store Ezekiel bread in the refrigerator? Yes, you can make Ezekiel bread at home. Sprouting grains increases their nutritional value. It’s named after the Old Testament verse Ezekiel 4:9, which reads: “Take wheat and barley, beans and lentils, millet and spelt; put them in a storage jar and use them to make bread for yourself…” It has a rich flavor and dense texture. How many calories are in a slice of Ezekiel bread? Yes, Ezekiel bread contains 5 grams of protein per slice, as well as all nine amino acids. Gluten Free Almond Bread. bread is great for French toast because it’s got extra sprouts and grains than regular bread, which will enhance its flavor. With all the beans and sprouts in this bread, you can eat a piece and instantly add vitamins and other health benefits to your diet. However, there are more ingredients, which means you’ll have a little more prep work before your loaf is ready to bake. The endosperm is rich in amino acids and carbs but not fiber (2). 1 slice of Ezekiel bread (34g), contains 80 calories, 0.5g of fat, 4g of protein and 15g of carbs. Lately, I've been sprouting hard red winter wheat ("wheatberries") and either eating the wheatberries as a cold cereal with diced fruit or slow-cooking them and blending the results into homemade … Even though there is no baking flour or other artificial ingredients in Ezekiel bread, it still is a rising bread, so it’s not considered an unleavened bread. Ezekiel bread may also contain fewer carbs than other types of bread, but this varies from brand to brand. Yes, and Ezekiel bread can go moldy quicker than some other bread because it does not have additives or preservatives. There are also certain trace  minerals which are released during the sprouting process. My wife likes Ezekiel's English muffins with some honey or maple syrup and that's typically the only "bread" she eats.) Allowing the seeds and grains in Ezekiel bread to sprout “burns off” some of the carbohydrates, and increases the concentration of protein, vitamins, and minerals. In traditional bread, wheat kernels are ground up into flour. These grains, seeds and legumes have their nutritional value enhanced by allowing them to sprout, which converts some of the carbohydrates present to stimulate growth and increase the concentration of vitamins and protein, and enhance the bioavailability of several minerals. Unfortunately, there’s no clear consensus on fiber’s caloric contribution since it often cannot be digested and absorbed in the small intestine like other nutrients. You will taste sprouts, grains, and possibly a nutty aftertaste. Ezekiel bread, being derived from seeds and grains, is not by any means low-carb. Macro Calculator…. Yes, Ezekiel bread is great for French toast because it’s got extra sprouts and grains than regular bread, which will enhance its flavor. Gluten Free Cinnamon Raisin Bread. Eating this Ezekiel bread is shown to have improved glucose homeostasis in studies (9). Because it’s packed with more fiber, it’s great for individuals eating healthy or trying to lose weight. It’s both healthy and delicious thanks to its distinctive and unmistakable nutty flavor. Ezekiel bread is considered alkaline and has a pH value around a 6.5, which is very close to neutral and slightly on the alkaline side. With all the beans and sprouts in this bread, you can eat a piece and instantly add vitamins and other health benefits to your diet. And if you have ever sat down to eat four slices of bread… It contains a lot of vitamins and fiber that are good for your health (. While the top brands of Ezekiel bread and other sprouted breads are free of added sugar, the whole grains in Ezekiel bread are still primarily a source of carbohydrates. While Ezekiel bread isn’t made with flour, it does contain wheat and barley, which cannot be consumed on a gluten-free diet. Sprouted for Life™. He’s believed to have lived on this bread for roughly one year and one month. Moreover, it’s a poor choice for people looking to stick to a low carbohydrate diet. Of course, there are many varieties of Ezekiel bread, but the traditional recipe includes wheat, barley, millet, spelt, and lentils. While it is not gluten-free, Ezekiel bread is indeed vegan. We preferred Ezekiel bread, like Food for Life, that needs to be kept frozen because it indicated that it was free of artificial preservatives. If you’re trying to boost nutritional levels in your diet, Ezekiel bread is a great way to do it. Ezekiel 4:9®. What is so special about Ezekiel bread? Health Benefits of Ezekiel Bread It’s typically low in calories, flourless and packed with nutrients. However, sprouted wheat seems to deliver the highest nutrient benefits, as opposed to millet, barley, and the other ingredients in Ezekiel Bread. Is Ezekiel bread gluten-free? There is nothing artificial in this bread, and there are no additional preservatives. This broad range of grains provides a robust source of amino acids and fibers that are great if you are trying to diversify your carbohydrate sources, or if you are a vegan and need to expose yourself to a wide range of different plant-based protein sources. In addition to its flagship Ezekiel Bread, Food for Life makes a high-quality cereal version of the Ezekiel 4:9 grains, except they are toasted and mixed together instead of being baked into a bread loaf. There is nothing artificial in this bread, and there are no additional preservatives. Ea. With sprouted grain bread, those wheat kernels are allowed to sprout first. Here’s what I found: It’s marginally better by the nutrition numbers, and the ingredients are real food (as opposed to stuff out of a science textbook in the white bread, especially). How long does Ezekiel bread last? Instead of being made for a refined flour with minimal nutrients, the sprouts and grains help pack nutrients into every slice of bread. In general, Ezekiel bread is not made from flour, but from sprouted grains and seeds. Yes, Ezekiel bread is certified as both kosher, organic and vegan, as the bread is not made with any dairy products. Bread. The beans and sprouts in this bread make it easy to digest because the sprouts help break down starches in grains, which improves the digestive process. Just make sure, for the long run, you keep it in a freezer. You can use Ezekiel bread for anything you would use regular bread for, including sandwiches. Products that contained excess sugar, like Silver Hills, was ranked lower since it was significantly less healthy. It depends on how long you want your loaf of Ezekiel bread to last. Our research team has ranked the ten best Ezekiel breads and reviewed the science behind how this type of bread stacks up compared to other types of whole grain bread. Can you toast Ezekiel bread? What do you put on Ezekiel bread? Yes, you can refreeze Ezekiel brad. Sprouting turns carbohydrates in the grains and seeds of Ezekiel bread into more nutrients, fiber, and vitamins. It’s true that eating Ezekiel Bread is far more healthy than eating white bread. "Take also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentils and millet, and spelt and put them in one vessel…" These english muffins have the same quality as their ezekiel loaves but are much more convenient for those on the go mornings. An average slice of white bread has around 20-25 calories, but an average slice of Ezekiel bread has 80 calories. Is Ezekiel bread kosher and organic? Ezekiel bread is not paleo. Ezekiel bread is available at many health food grocery stores like Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods.

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